Property investment

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Gifts are great. Especially when you give one to yourself, and there’s nothing Australians love more than investing in good old residential property. Many a generation has built their wealth and legacy on bricks and mortar, taking a sigh of relief knowing that residential real estate has the power to deliver regular and tax-friendly rent returns, with long term capital growth.

Property investment

OK. So what are the benefits?

Regular rental income from day one
Not many investments offer as much hope and potential as property does. Unlike other forms of investments, it can offer returns from day one.

Scarcity and ongoing demand
Land is pretty limited in supply, which is handy when it comes to supporting growth in the building’s value.

Tax benefits
We know the word Tax sends shivers down your spine, but you’ll actually be able to claim a tax deduction for a fair amount of expenses associated with owning an investment property. Cue internal air punch.

A diverse investment
Australia’s property market is truly like no other, and you can even take your pick between different states and territories, apartments and houses, and regional or capital city locations.

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