Refinancing your home loan

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Refinancing can be the solution to an array of problems you may be facing. Maybe you want a better interest rate or lower repayments. Perhaps you want to purchase an investment property or indulge in an exciting renovation. Whatever the case, refinancing can be the answer.

Refinancing your home loan

How refinancing works

Refinancing, otherwise known as “loan switching”, means taking out a new loan in order to pay out your current home loan. This can be done through your existing lender, or you can choose a new one. Looking into your options may give you the power to save you money in the long run.

However, saving money isn’t guaranteed, which is why you need to break everything down with a Lending Hand Finance broker in order to reach a conclusion. By working with an accredited broker who knows their stuff, you’ll gain access to hundreds of offers. Our brokers always put you first, assessing your unique needs and requirements to sculpt a unique, tailor-made solution. There are many steps involved in the process, but the first is to calculate your capacity as a borrower with each lender.

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